Civic Engagement at CSS

Social Sciences 385 - Course Description

SOCS385 focuses on the educational and social reasons for civic engagement and for involving students in service learning. As a SOCS385 student you will participate in the campus-wide efforts to institutionalize service learning. The course will help you evaluate your own service-learning performance and experience, which will assist you in writing the reflective journal that most faculty require from their service-learning students. The specific requirements for SOCS385 vary from student to student according to the requirements set by the instructor of the course, for which you are performing service learning ("primary course"), or by your service-learning project coordinator.

SERVICE LEARNING is a method of learning, which involves the community. As part of your course work for regular classes, you become involved in the surrounding community through meaningful interaction that gives you a real-life perspective on the topics studied. Enhanced by community-directed research - students, community, and institutions of higher learning all benefit from this relationship.

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- Initiate a meeting with the instructor to get started on class work and set up your service-learning activity
Comply with paperword requirements for CSS service learning (see
- Participate in a professional meeting, institute, workshop or similar
- Participate in minimum two class meetings
- Access the Laulima class website weekly for announcements and to participate in class work (mostly discussions, posting of and feedback to journals and minor online research assignments)
- Write and post journals (no length requirement, detailed guidelines will be posted) regularly and give others feedback on their postings
- Create a final reflective journal (1000-1500 words)
- Complete your service-learning/community-research obligations
- Evaluate the course and your service site

Depending on the weight of and reward for your work with the community in your primary course, you might be given additional requirements to earn class credit for SOCS 385. These can include research, documentation, assessment, evaluation, and other tasks, with the aim of studying and improving service learning as an educational tool at UHM.

* Students, who are taking SOCS 385 as a stand-alone course, need only fulfill the minimum requirements.

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