Palolo Elementary School

The tutoring program is an after-school program designed to provide students with the extra help they need to succeed in school. Participating students are in kindergarten through grade 6 and have either solicited extra help on their own, or have been asked by the faculty to attend.

Addresses: 2106 10th Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816.
Site Contact: Henrietta Clemons, 733-4700 (tutoring), Theresa 733-4706 (outreach and events).
Training: 1/19/07 at Palolo Elem. Library. (If you missed it and still want to tutor, contact Ulla Hasager at
Duties: Tutor children in various academic subjects and reading, help children with homework and cultural activities/event preparation, parent involvement.
Days & Times: Fexible.
Faculty Contact: Veronica Ogata, 734-9833, KCC, Olona 213;
Academic Potential: For students interested in pursuing a career in elementary education, social work, counseling, or any liberal arts students.

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