University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

All students participating in service-learning projects MUST submit a signed waiver before they start their work outside of their institution of higher education (IHE). It is also necessary to register and to sign a site agreement/service connections form. Furthermore, you must document the number of hours invested in the project with a timesheet/participation record signed by your site supervisor. For Summer Sessions, all participants must use the UH Mānoa forms posted here.

You cannot participate in any projects without having submitted a waiver form.


Instructions for UH Mānoa and affiliated students (short-term programs and similar):

1. Fill out the waiver form (linked below) before participating in any events, and submit the finished form with original signatures to the address on the form.

2. Register online

3. Bring the site agreement form to your first meeting with the supervisor at the site that you will be working at and finish the form with him or her. Submit the finished form with original signatures to the address on the form.

4. Bring the timesheet to all activities and sessions at your service site(s). After completing the service, submit the timesheet with original signatures to the address on the form.



1. Service Learning Registration Form (Online)

2. Waiver Form

3. Site Agreement (UHM Students Only)

4. TimeSheet


Guidelines for Journals, Presentations and Publications

Keep a daily journal throughout your service experience. Your instructor may or may not request to see it, or even ask you to submit it electronically.

After completing the service, you will most likely be asked to submit a Final Reflective Journal or a research paper incorporating your experience to your instructor.  Please send us a copy at

Please respect the privacy of the people and sites that we are working with. Obtain written permission (for minors: from parents) before taking any pictures. If you create online materials, for class presentations, note in the beginning that they cannot be used by others without your permission (which in turn may depend on the permission of our community partners). Do not publish any material beyond your class without specific written permission from your community partners.

Make sure that you comply with the requirements for human subject research. Please check with your instructor and see


Kapiʻolani Community College

Please go to this link and follow the step-by-step instructions

Chaminade University of Hawaiʻi

Please go to this link and read the "How to get started" section.

Hawaiʻi Pacific University

Please go to this link and follow the instructions.

All other HIPICC institutions (most institutions of higher education in Hawaiʻi) follow the links from the HIPICC site to your specific institution. If you canʻt find your institutionʻs forms and requirements for service-learning participation, please follow the instructions posted above for UH Mānoa students.

REMEMBER: You cannot participate in any projects without having submitted a waiver form.

International and national students as well as students from institutions that are not members of the Hawaiʻi Pacific Islands Campus Compact, should always use the UHM forms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need the waiver and registration forms?
A. If you are a student involved in any of our projects, you need to fill, sign, and submit an original registration and waiver according to the guidelines above, before you start your service. All guests or one-time participants need to minimum sign a waiver.

Q. How to turn in your timesheets?
A. Timesheets have to be signed by your supervisor and submitted by the end of the project to the same office/entity where you submit your site agreement.

Q. What if I am not able to download the forms posted on this site?

A. UHM/CSS students, national & international students affiliated with UHM please contact

Students from other HIPICC Institutions: Please contact your Service Learning Office - except during the summer sessions, where you will also contact