Institute of Human Services

The Institute of Human Services (IHS) provides respite for those who are unsheltered and solutions that transform the lives of homeless and at-risk people. For our service-learning projects, we primarily work with the IHS Women and Family Shelter which is located at 546 Ka‘aahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96817. Telephone: 447-2800; Fax 845-7190. Web:

Possible service-learning projects

TASKS: A good first place to work is with the Homework Club (please see below). Other tasks at IHS are also possible throughout the year. Here are some of the options - make sure that your service-learning project can assist your academic learning and is approved by your instructor: Sorting donations; janitorial and shelter maintenance (especially 6-8:30pm); kitchen work (preparing and/or serving food to 300 people - any day 2-4 hours between 4am and 7pm); office work at: Finance Dept., Human Resources Dept., Case Management Dept., Community Re-Entry Dept., Development Dept., Intake Dept. (2pm-4pm), Housing/Employment Dept. (M-F 7am-7pm); front desk & receptionist assistance; assisting with or sponsoring a special event/fundraiser; letters to editor/speaker’s bureau; organizing and conducting recreational activities with guests; garden volunteer. (M-F 3-5:30pm, weekend waterings 8-11am); create and/or teach a class.

AVAILABILITY: Throughout the year. Continuous help needed.

HOURS: See listing of tasks above.

TRAINING: General orientation and paperwork: Attend a scheduled training session with the volunteer coordinator Renee Rendal. The sessions are announced at Additional sessions can be arranged according to need.


HOW TO GET STARTED: Email to register for the program, follow general guidelines for service-learning registration with your institution and attend a training session at IHS with Renee Rendal.

The Homework Club

TASKS: Help P-12 students with homework and create other activities that meet the needs of individual students and develop their success in school; work with parents; manage and coordinate classroom activities.

AVAILABILITY: Throughout the year. Continuous help needed.

HOURS: MTWF 2:30-5 and 6-8; W 1:30-5 and 6-8 pm.

SITE COORDINATOR: Angela Dumais (, Children's Program Coordinator, ph. 447-2821.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Email to register for the program, follow general instructions for getting started on service learning at IHS (see above), and then contact Angela Dumais directly by phone and/or email to set up a time to meet and go over registration, tasks, and scheduling.


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