Unite Here! Local 5
Service-Learning Program

This service-learning module is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Local 5 and the Ethnic Studies Department at University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa. Its purpose is to expose students to the issues affecting working families and to incorporate students' community service work with their academic studies to enrich their learning experiences. It provides for varied learning opportunities regarding union organizing as it relates to community-based research and actions that raise awareness and encourage students to become agents of social justice and social change beyond the university. Participating in Local 5's Hotel Workers Rising Campaign will serve as the main reference point for this module. Students will work with Local 5's community and political organizers and research team to understand grassroots organizing and building power in a community. In this process, students will be exposed to the everyday and broader issues that working families currently face both at home and in their communities as well as at work.

Local 5 is a local labor union in Hawaii representing approx. 11,000 hotel, health care, and other service industry workers statewide. Since its beginnings in 1938, Local 5 has worked to maintain a reputation of aggresive advocacy and powerful servicing on behalf of its members; and improving the quality of life for Hawaiʻi's workers.

To learn more about the program, please contact: CSS SL coordinator, Dr. Ulla Hasager, 956.4218, ulla@hawaii.edu.