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The Pālolo Pipeline daily administrative team

consists of assistant coordinators, Katherine Lobendahn, Megumi Chibana,
and program director, Dr. Ulla Hasager.
The best way to get to us is by emailing our shared account,



Please contact Dr. Ulla Hasager directly at, for information about service-learning planning, site integration, community research, curriculum integration, and assessment.



Wade Araki (Principal, KHS), Dahlia Asuega (Resident Services Manager, POLC, MHAH), Robert Franco (Resource Development, KCC), Kevin Yuen (Principal, JMS), Ulla Hasager (PPP Director, UHM/KCC), Judi Kirkpatrick (Resource Development, KCC/POLC), Reid Kuba (Principal, PE), The Current Chair Person Of Pālolo Tenants Association, Veronica Ogata (Education Coordinator, KCC), Melisa Orozco-Vargas (Service-Learning Outreach Coordinator, KCC), Candice Sakuda (Service-Learning Director, CUH), Ruth Silberstein (Complex Area Superintendent - Kaimuki-McKinley-Roosevelt).


Pālolo Pipeline Program Partners Contact Information

Kauhane Aipia, SL/programs POLC, 733 8651*3,

Amanda Amond, student leader, KCC/POLC/ PE, 734 9503,

Wade Araki, Principal, KHS, 733 4900,

Dahlia Asuega, MHAH Resident Services Manager/POLC/PPP, 733 8651*1;

Lola Bautista, SL, CPIS, UHM,

David Behlke, Art programs coordinator KCC, 734 9374,

Megumi Chibana, PPP graduate assistant, UHM/ES/POLSCI,

Henrietta Clemons, SL/tutor coordinator, PE, 733 4700, Henrietta_Clemons/PALOLO/

Nelson Ikaikai Fernandez, Leader of the PDSC, Engineering, UHM, POLC/PPP,

Robert Franco, Resource Development, KCC/HIPICC/POLC/PPP, National Campus Compact Engaged Scholar and Senior Faculty Fellow, OFIE, 734 9514,

Leslie Harada, KHS Science, POLC, leslie_harada/KAIMUKH/

Ulla Hasager, PĀLOLO PIPELINE PROGRAM DIRECTOR, UHM CAMPUS COORDINATOR FOR PPP. Ethnic Studies & Anthropology/UHM/KCC, Director of Civic Engagement for UHM/CSS, 956 4218, 330 1276, fax 956 9494,

Noel Kent, SL, Project Citizen/Bridging the Digital Divide, Ethnic Studies, 956 6963,

Judi Kirkpatrick, programs/grants/POLC/PPP, English/KCC, 734 9331,

Reid Kuba, Principal, PE, 733 4700, Reid_Kuba/PALOLO/

Leonard Leon, CPIS/CSS/UHM, Assistant coordinator PACIFC CONNECTIONS,

Katherine Lobendahn,SL, PPP/JS, 733 4888 ext. 237(JS), 777 9833 (emergencies only),

Kathy Martin, Assistant to Dahlia Asuega, SL/POLC, 733 8651*2,

Jill Matro, Programs & Branch Operations, Big Brothers Big Sisters, 521 3811,

Stephen Maybir, Student leader/PPP/POLC,

Yvonne Mori, SL/programs POLC, 733 8651*3,

Melisa Orozco-Vargas, KCC CAMPUS COORDINATOR FOR PPP. POLC/IHE program coordinator, health/sustainability, SL Outreach Coord./KCC, 734 9503, fax: 734 9443,

Veronica Ogata, Prof., Pālolo ‘Ohana program/POLC/KCC Coordinator, education & family resources, 734 9833,

Joakim Peter, CPIS/CE, UHM, College of Education,

Candice Sakuda, CUH CAMPUS COORDINATOR FOR PPP. Dir. of SL CUH, 735 4895,

Kanaloa Schrader, UHM/KCC, EBB/POLC, assistant coordinator for Mālama I Nā Ahupuaʻa and student leader of STEM, sustainability and Native Hawaiian initiatives,

Kevin Sciba, Kūlia All Stars coordinator, JMS,

Lisa Shimokawa, SLC/Title 1 Coordinator, Kaimuki High School, 733 4900 ext. 343,

Ricky Shimokawa, JMS Vice Principal, Ricky_Shimokawa/JARRET/

Ruth Silberstein, Complex Area Superintendent, Kaimuki-McKinley-Roosevelt, 733 4950, Ruth_Silberstein/HONDO/,

Tanya Yamada, JMS, Tanya_Yamada/JARRET/

Kevin Yuen, Principal, JMS/PPP, 733 4888, kevin_yuen/kaimukh/


ABBREVIATION KEY - CE: Civic Engagement; CPIS: The UHM Center for Pacific Islands Studies; CSS: The UHM College of Social Sciences; CUH: Chaminade University of Hawai‘i; EBB: Exploring My Backyard and Beyond; ESD: UHM Department of Ethnic Studies; HIPICC: Hawai‘i Pacific Islands Campus Compact; HUD: US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development; IHE: Institutions of Higher Education; JMS: Jarrett Middle School; KCC: Kapi‘olani Community College; KHS: Kaimukī High School; MHAH: Mutual Housing Association Hawaiʻi; PE: Pālolo Elementary School; POLC: Pālolo ‘Ohana Learning Center; PTA: Pālolo Tenants Association; SL: Service Learning; PPP: The Pālolo Pipeline Program; UHM: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa - in the PPP under the leadership of its College of Social Sciences.

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