Project SHINE in Chinatown


Course Requirements

  • Attend all the training sessions: one orientation session (of two options), one on-site training (takes place the following week - time and place depend on your shift and site - this training includes immigration and naturalization information,exercises on aging and cultural sensitivity, webtools, and tutoring tips), and the reflection workshop (which helps you analyze your experiences and prepares you for writing reflective papers). See your campus coordinator if you have any time conflicts. Any scheduling conflicts with training sessions should be resolved BEFORE the day for which they are scheduled. For dates, times, and what to bring to these sessions, please see our SHINE calendar.
  • Comply with the requirements from your school of higher education regarding paperwork (usually registration, waiver, and community partner contract). See Forms.
  • Complete the paperwork for SHINE (usually done at the orientation session).
  • Secure a regular shift appointment and site (this is usually done at the orientation session on a first-come-first served basis). Commit to that shift by tutoring for two hours each week, for the duration of the 10-week program.
  • Keep journals of training and tutoring sessions - Include summary of events, thoughts/reflections about what happened, and links to course material.*
  • Complete the program evaluation.

  • * Requirements for courses are ultimately defined by their respective instructors.

    More Information

    Contact the Project SHINE Coordinator, Candice Sakuda, at her email address: If you are interested in volunteering on your time and responsibility or in learning how you can become a site coordinator or student leader, you may direct your inquiries to her as well.