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We join the caretakers of Waikalua Loko Iʻa (fishpond) and community members to help take care of the eleven-acre ancient Hawaiian fishpond in Kāneʻohe Ahupuaʻa. Waikalua Pond is located behind (and owned by) Bayview Golf Course. We meet at the end of the dirt road behind the golf course and the Kāneʻohe Sewage Treatment Plant.

DIRECTIONS: Turn left (if you come from Honolulu) down Pūʻōhala Street from Kāneʻohe Bay Drive just opposite Castle High School. There is a sign to Pūʻōhala Elementary School. Turn right on the first street, Kulauli Street. Follow this street until it turns into a dirt road. Take the right road of the fork and meet near the work sheds.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps

LINKS: http://www.waikalualokofishpond.org/ --


Nā Pōhaku o Hauwahine, otherwise known as the “rock formation of the Hawaiian Moʻo goddess and guardian of Kawai Nui Marsh”, is located in the ahupuaʻa of Kailua. There, and at Ulupō Heiau, ongoing malama (stewardship) and educational programs are taking place.

DIRECTIONS: Meet on the right side of Kapaʻa Quarry Road, one mile from the Kapaʻa Quarry Road and Kalanianaʻole Hwy intersection, before entering the Kapaʻa Landfill Transfer Station.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps

LINKS: http://www.alohahosting.net/~ahahui/PROGRAMS/NaPohaku.html -- http://www.alohahosting.net/~ahahui/

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Ulupō Heiau ("night of inspiration") was one of the first sacred temples to have been built as a "mapele" (agriculture) heiau by the first people or menehune and dedicated to Kaneulupo.

DIRECTIONS: Getting off the Kalanianaʻole Highway, pass Castle Hospital and drive to Windward YMCA, on your left. The heiau parking area is right near the YMCA.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps.

LINKS: http://www.alohahosting.net/~ahahui/

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We will help the group of Kanaka Maoli who is taking care of the women's and the men's heiau in their restoration work. They will share with us their place, stories, and knowledge about Hawaiian culture, religion and the environment, as well as their experiences with the construction of H3. After the work, we will have a small paʻina.

DIRECTIONS: From the Moanalua Freeway going west (78), take the Camp Smith exit (1E) and follow Hālawa Valley Street. Pass a "No outlet" sign. Immediately after you pass under the H3 freeway, turn left, with the Hawaiian Cement plants on your right and the H3 freeway on your left. Choose the left leg of the road split and continue through the first and second gate. We meet at the third gate. `
See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps.

IMPORTANT: Please check our Adopt an Ahupuaʻa calendar the morning of the event to make sure that no changes have been made. http://calendar.yahoo.com/adoptanahupuaa

LINKS: http://starbulletin.com/2003/05/18/news/story3.html -- http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/May/14/ln/


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KANIAKAPUPU: Kamehameha III's Summer Palace

Come and breathe some cool, fresh mountain air, feel the warm sun, the Kiowao rain and fight the makiko. And be prepared to work." – Kahoʻola

LOCATION: Old Pali Drive trailhead. Meet by the Board of Water Supply Aeration Station (by the "Lily Ponds") on the Old Pali Rd.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps

LINKS: http://www.pacificworlds.com/nuuanu/native/native5.cfm

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The Pālolo Pipeline and Adopt-an-Ahupuaʻa Service-Learning Programs assist the City & County, Pālolo Valley Recreation Center, and Mutual Housing Association in their efforts to take care of their environment.

DIRECTIONS: From Dole Street, drive past Kanewai Park until you reach St. Louis Drive. Here, make a right, and then make a left onto Waiʻalae and follow it until you reach the McDonald's, or Pālolo Avenue. Turn left. Continue all the way until you pass Pālolo Valley District Park on your right. Make a right after the park onto Kiwila Steet, and an immediate left onto Ahe Street. You should reach the Mutual Housing’s office on 2170 Ahe Street in the center of the Pālolo Valley Homes area.

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Source: http://kainani.hpu.edu/cfung/mokouea-moreInfo.htm

Mokauea is the site of the last fishing village on the island of Oʻahu. The inhabitants of the former fishing community are engaged in restoring the island environment, and creating an educational facility on the island. You'll learn about the history of the island and the islanders' struggle to regain control of their environment and assist with site maintenance.

DIRECTIONS: Meet at Keʻehi Boat Harbor (off Sand Island Access Road). Take Nimitz Highway towards 'Ewa; turn left on Sand Island Access Road; follow the road to the Sand Island bridge, but turn right just before the bridge into Ke'ehi Boat Harbor; park in the lot nearest the water, or in the fenced off area.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps

LINK: http://kainani.hpu.edu/cfung/mokouea-moreInfo.htm

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We meet at the edge of the pond to settle in, learn about the pond and the ahupuaʻa of Heʻeʻia, and observe the cultural protocol. Thereafter we help the pond keepers with the work they need done at this time. There will be both heavy and lighter tasks. The rest of the day, we will clean up, swim and eat.

DIRECTIONS: We meet at 46-077 ʻIpuka. Go towards Kualoa on Kamehameha Hwy from Kaneʻohe. Continue about one mile after passing Ha'iku/Windward Mall. Turn right at 'Ipuka after King Intermediate by the C&C work yard corner and go about one block. Find street parking. The entrance to the fishpond is by mailbox #46-077.

LINKS: http://ksdl.ksbe.edu/heeia/index.html

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After signing in and receiving a briefing by the military, there will be an opening ceremony with Malama Makua, introductions, followed by a hike and hopefully a chance to help with whatever restoration work Malama Makua needs done at this time. On the hike you will visit a number of wahi pana (sacred places), including the huge petroglyph boulder near the gate. After the hike, if time allows, we clean up the nearby beach area and go for a swim (optional).

*NOTE: It is necessary to sign up ahead of time by Tuesday evening before the Saturday or Sunday access.

DIRECTIONS: Meet the Malama Makua folks and the other students at the entrance gate to Makua Valley, almost at the end of the road towards Ka'ena Point at about 7am. From Honolulu take H-1 as far as you can and continue on Farrington Highway. Pass Wai'anae and Makaha. Shortly after Kaneana Cave on the right (mauka) side of the road, you will see the military reservation and a gate leading into a parking lot. This is the meeting point.

See map for more detailed information and bus routes. Google Maps.

IMPORTANT: You need to wear CLOSED SHOES, for safety and security purposes. Bring a photo ID, in case you need to show it to military personnel.

LINKS: http://www.environment-hawaii.org/1192first.htm (see also http://www.picosearch.com/ and do a search on Makua);
http://starbulletin.com/96/06/07/news/story1c.html; http://www.kahea.org/lcr/pdf/DMZ_Broch_7.9.03.pdf

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