Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Social Sciences 385: Service Learning


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ulla Hasager

   The College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa is offering a one-credit CR/NC course this semester, SOCS 385: SERVICE LEARNING. The course is created to support students who are involved in service learning -either through an UHMānoa class or an established CSS service-learning activity. SOCS385 focuses on the academic, pedagogical, and social context for making civic engagement, service learning and liberal education a central component of teaching and research.

The course can be repeated twice, to a total of three credits.

Prerequisite: To take SOCS 385, you must participate in an academically approved service-learning program, community-research or similar project/program related to the UH Mānoa, College of Social Sciences (can be arranged with the help of the SOCS 385 instructor).

For more information please go to the course description page. SOCS 385 Course Description.

Is this course for you?

• If you are FACULTY and you are interested in the following:

  • Exploring the theoretical development in civic engagement and liberal education,
  • Developing a civic-engagement component as part of or as an addition to an existing course plan,
  • Utilizing the course to reward students’ involvement in civic engagement,

    - you are invited to contact the instructor and director of the Program for Engaged Scholarship and Service Learning, Dr. Ulla Hasager, at 956 218/
    • • If you are a STUDENT and you are interested in the following:
    • Deepening your understanding of the social, academic, and pedagogical context of service learning and civic engagement,
    • Working with students from other courses and disciplines,
    • Getting help establishing a strong academic connection between your service and learning,
    • Strengthening your resumes with professional presentations, organization, and service,
    • - you are encouraged to contact the instructor to register for the class, which accepts registrations until three weeks into the semester. Please contact the SOCS385 instructor: Dr. Ulla Hasager, at 956 4218 or email

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